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About KYGT



About The Goat

KYGT, affectionately known as "The Goat", is about music, rhythms and the Clear Creek County attitude: laid back and in tune with our community.  

Originally founded in 1995 as a cable broadcast, KYGT--Clear Creek Radio, Inc.--was granted a low-power FM license in 2002.  In addition to keeping the Clear Creek Valley communities, located in the Colorado Rockies 40 miles west of Denver, educated, informed, entertained and alerted, KYGT provides a format for residents of the community to express their creative talents and an opportunity for volunteerism that directly improves our community's quality of life.

KYGT is community-owned, thus funded wholly through business sponsors, fundraising activities and an Intergovernmental Agreement with all the towns and districts within our County.  KYGT serves as a significant communication resource for law enforcement and emergency organizations as well as for the citizens with regard to emergency and crisis situations.

Tune in to our live musical performances and our DJs' unique and personal music selections.  Check out our variant styles, stream our live audio, and read our DJ profiles to learn more about the people behind the music.

On our calender you can view our programming by month, week or day and find a brief description of the music and the DJs.  Our shows are aired several times during the week, so if you miss a live show, tune in to the re-broadcast.

With its ear on the pulse of Clear Creek County, KYGT offers:

  • A wide variety of music provided by volunteer DJ's; an eclectic mix that offers something for everyone

  • Local newscasts including news from around the county and the world as well as from our local newspaper

  • Talk show interviews with topics ranging from social and political to environmental and spiritual

  • Emergency broadcast alerts for road closures, threatening weather conditions and forest fire information, including a dedicated line for the Sheriff’s Department to take over the broadcast

  • Live broadcasts of high school athletic events and community events

  • An internship program for local high school students

  • Public service announcements for community events

  • Syndicated programming, including Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

Our Mission: Clear Creek Radio, Inc., is committed to providing broadcast entertainment, news and information, both over the airwaves and via the Internet, to the residents of Clear Creek County, Colorado, and the world through an eclectic mix of programming.  We encourage creative expression and believe in the importance of community.

Board of Directors

President Phyllis Adams Contact Phyllis
Vice-President Mark Cucinella Contact Mark
Secretary Kim Steele Contact Kim
Treasurer Bob Hickam Contact Bob
General Manager Greg Markle Contact Greg


Alternate Doug Glidden Contact Doug